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Lady Draconian
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Pale Enchantress
Lady Draconian

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon May 03, 2010 2:49 pm

1. Bullying of any form is not tolerated anywhere within our community. If you feel you are being bullied contact me via private message immediatley.
2. Respect everyone's opinions no matter what, you are allowed to dicuss and politley debate topics. No flame wars please.
3. Do not force your views or opinions on other people, religion or any other views can be discussed but don't slander those that don't belive or agree with you.
4. No abusive or violent posting.
5. Definately no abusive personal messages, you will be dealt with accordlingly.
6. No naked or half-naked pictures or links to sites containing naked or half-naked pictures, we have an adult room to stop your temptations. If you are 18 and over mail me and I'll grant you access.
7. When posting images make sure that they are no larger than 640px if they are larger than this then post the link or re-size it.
8. When having a signature, be big and bold or elegant or simply meaningful text please try and keep it to a reasonable size. 200px by 600px should be a large enough size for anyone.
9. No file sharing whatsoever on the forum! I'm not being fined for your illegal activities. However, if you are caught doing this then you will be banned straight away without warning.
10. No file sharing or dicussing file sharing in open topics, I have previously recieved a notification of this on the top board and the forum could get banned for this. Please if you wish to file share talk in PMs and do it over emails.
11. Please don't douple or triple post. We have the Multi-Quote button if you want to reply to more than one person. Other than that the edit button is your friend.
12. If you want to reply to a topic just to get your post number up I will delete it. Stop with posting one or two words or smilies. I will give you a warning if you do.
13. Do not spam. You will be reported straight away and given a strike.
14. Before creating a topic make sure no other of the same kind already exists. This discludes introduction topics.
15. Colored texts: due to previous overuse we have decided that you can only use them on first posts of a new topic or if there is the urgent need to. Also, you may use the colours in survivor games at the end of each round.
16. I don't mind if you fucking swear. Swearing is tolerable to a certain extent just don't go and over do it.
17. Have fun and enjoy yourself as that is what you're here for.

Anyone failing to follow these rules will get three warnings before being given a strike. Once you get three strike you will recieve an email or private message to say that you are being banned. This is of course unless you break a rule that states otherwise.


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Forum Rules
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